Liquid Wizard

Providing liquid clarity


Continuously and Automatically monitor your drinking water supply to ensure your water is safe to drink!
  • Do you wonder about the quality of water that you drink?
  • Does your drinking water travel through lead pipes or other aging infrastructure?
  • Did you live near agricultural or industrial enterprises?
  • Do you utilize a private well for your drinking water?
  • Are you or your family more susceptible to contaminants due to age or medical conditions?
  • Do you utilize a filtering system?

If the answer to any of these questions is, "Yes", and you want to be in control of what you drink, LiqWiz is your answer!


What is LiqWiz ?

Liqwiz is an automatic continuous water monitoring system currently under development that will inform consumers of potentially unsafe levels of certain contaminants and chemicals in drinking water or other liquids with a simpled colored LED and make additional information available through a smartphone.

Who is LiqWiz for?

LiqWiz is designed for everyday use and will be available in two configurations.  One will be an in-line version intended to be installed under the kitchen sink to provide continuous monitoring of the household water supply. The second will be a portable device and will be especially appreciated by the following groups of people:

  • “green” consumers
  • farmers and people with no access to regulated water sources
  • folks who need to check if their water filter is due for replacement
  • people with allergies and sensitivities
  • parents concerned about content of chemicals in their children's food and drink
  • frequent travelers to places with poor water quality and low food and drink labeling standards
  • just curious people who want to know what's in their favorite drinks
What can LiqWiz do?

LiqWiz is designed to detect contaminants in liquids utilizing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidlines. If a contaminant is detected in a concentration above a specific threshold the LED alarm will be triggered allowing the consumer to take action to protect their health and safety.  LiqWiz is an IoT device allowing for more detailed information and tracking over the Internet.

How does LiqWiz work?

Liqwiz is a complete system that uses powerful techniques of fluorescence, absorption, and spectroscopy, all previously reserved for big scientific labs. Liqwiz brings the most advanced technologies into the palm of your hand.

Where can I find more information about LiqWiz?

Please, go to About us section or contact us at